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            Welcome: Zhangzhou Weiyi Group
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            Company news

            Zhangzhou Weiyi Group - Building “Aircraft Carrier” in the Textile Industry

            “Weiyi” is a leading enterprise in the spandex covered yarn industry and a fixed raw material supplier of LANGSHA, BONAS and Mona. Meanwhile, it exports to plenty of countries including Brazil, Italy, the United States, etc. Sticking to “quality first and integrity first” makes Weiyi Chemical Fiber continuously develop and expand. Now Let's review the development of Weiyi in last years.

            Zhangzhou Weiyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd was founded by HongKong Weixing Trading Company on December 4, 2002. With a total investment of 29.88 million dollars, it has a plant of 2,450 square meters mainly producing textile raw material such as nylon high elastic yarn, spandex covered yarn and air covered yarn, with more than 20 machines and over 30 employees. In 2005, Zhangzhou Weihao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd was established with a total investment of 12 million dollars. So far, Weiyi Science and Technology Park was born. Weiyi is successful in 2009 when there are 19 self-built warehouses with a total area of 160,000 square meters and an annual output value of 100 million yuan. In 2010, the group cooperated with INVISTA (Lycra Fiber), realizing the integration of high-quality resources with complementary advantages, stablizing product quality, increaing the business strength of the enterprise, and making a strategic development for occupying the market.

            Weiyi strives to strengthen the market competitiveness of its products, and has made great efforts in product quality and technological innovation. It has actively carried out the project construction of energy conservation and emission reduction technology transformation and expansion. Weiyi has taken the initiative to invest 32 million yuan to import more than 110 sets of energy-saving technical transformation equipment from Italy, Germany and Japan, adding “new vitality” to the development of enterprises. After the rectification, the production cost was greatly saved and the energy consumption was reduced. In addition, the annual output value increased by more than 20%. With new equipment and innovative technical management, Weiyi realized the industrialization production of new high-quality yarn. In order to meet the ever-expanding market share, Weiyi expanded the production scale and invested 150 million yuan in the coated yarn production project in Dananban, Zhangpu in 2014, and passed the ISO09001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification audit in the same year, and became a famous commercial standard and annual tax payer in Fujian Province.

            In April 2016, the machines stationed in Dananban were started one after another, and the production, installation and commissioning of the machines were carried out in parallel. More than 900 machines were installed with the added annual production capacity of 3500 tons, a total investment of 250 million yuan, and the new annual output value of 320 million yuan. The company focuses on product quality and technological innovation. As of 2017, the company has obtained 7 utility model patents and 6 software copyrights. Wei Yi applied for 10 invention patents and passed Oeko-Tex standard in the same year. It was awarded “Leading Enterprise of Fujian Science and Technology Giant” and “Scientific and Technological Enterprises in Fujian Province”. Wu Jianwei, chairman of the board, was selected as vice president of the 4th Council of Fujian Textile Industry Association. In 2018, the group stabilized its position as the largest domestic coated yarn manufacturer as polyamide covered yarn produced was listed as “Fujian Province Single Champion” in 2018, and has joined “the Sixth Council member of China Knitting Industry Association”. The chairman of the board was selected as the honorary president of Zhangzhou,  Quanzhou.

            In order to realize the group's goal of becoming the "aircraft carrier" in the coated yarn industry, the company has made greater efforts in the sustainable development of fabrics in recent years. The market share of knitted, woven and warp knitted fabrics has gradually increased, and the quality is reliable, which is deeply loved by customers. To adapt to the expanding market demand, our company expanded the plant of 25,000 square meters in Dananban branch plant in 2019, with a total construction area of 160,000 square meters, more than 3000 machines and 1300 employees. In the same year, it obtained GRS certification.

            2020 is a year suffering ups and downs when the epidemic forced everyone to stop. However, Wei Yi did not quit its busy pace. While actively doing a good job in epidemic prevention, our company has launched a new production line which mainly produces raw materials for the ear belt line on masks, and fully supplies relevant mask enterprises. It has made a modest contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and has demonstrated the social responsibility of the enterprise. 2020 is also a year realizing the rapid developm

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