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            Welcome: Zhangzhou Weiyi Group
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            Company news

            WeiYi major changes are coming! ! !

            2020 is a special year. The new crown epidemic has stopped everyone and let us re-examine the value and significance of the existence of individuals and enterprises. During the epidemic, our company actively transformed and converted production, and a new main production line for mask ear straps The production line using raw materials will spare no effort to supply relevant mask manufacturers to help prevent and control the epidemic. We will do our best to prevent and control the epidemic and demonstrate the company's sense of social responsibility. At the same time, Chairman Wu Jianwei made a decision that the company will steadily produce in accordance with the normal production process! This decision has provided sufficient material support for the textile market after the epidemic has improved and contributed to the normal operation of the market.

            In the middle of 2020, Weiyi established a new marketing department, which is market-oriented, and cross-functionally cooperates with the planning department, product development department, manufacturing department, and supply chain department, all around consumers. The marketing department under the leadership of General Manager Lucas Wu has promoted the comprehensive upgrade and customization of the factory’s ERP system, optimized the company’s internal business processes and management processes, and the main business processes will be automated, and coordinate management of various departments to meet market demand Carry all marketing activities of the company as a guide, and serve our customers in all directions.

            Following the pace of the times, WeiYi is about to launch a WeChat official account. You will find a more vivid and vivid WeiYi on this, and you can fully understand our corporate culture, staff style, production scale, and new product promotion. Wait, everyone is welcome to pay attention to our official account!

            CONTACT US

            Contact: FUJIAN PRODUCTION BASE

            Phone: +86 15659095550

            Tel: +86 (0595) 88592088

            Email: Lucas@weiyicf.com