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            Welcome: Zhangzhou Weiyi Group
            Language: Chinese ∷  English

            Our Advantages

            Our Advantages

            Rapid product development: The group is an expert in the technical application of chemical fiber raw materials, cooperating with world famous brands and developing new chemical fiber materials.
            Stable production capacity and technologies:The group owns more than 3000 machines and equipment, and its production capacity ranks the first in the world. Meanwhile, the Group is also involved in the formulation of the industry standards of the national textile industry, such as "Double Wrapped Silk for Knitting (polyester)/spandex)" and "Anti-Loose socks", as the main drafting unit of the industry standards.
            Multi-dimensional product supply:The group is committed to the production of high quality differentiated fibers, spandex covered yarn, nylon filament and nylon high stretch silk textile raw materials, widely used in socks, seamless underwear, warp knitting cloth, water jet cloth, lace, ribbon, denim, athletic shoes, bathing suits, wool sweaters and other applications.
            Excellent after-sales service: The group pays attention to customer experience and feedback, and pays attention to the group's public praise in the industry. All the staff of the group practice the concept of "touching every customer", do not shirk, do not shift the blame, and timely solve the problems raised by customers.

            CONTACT US

            Contact: FUJIAN PRODUCTION BASE

            Phone: +86 15659095550

            Tel: +86 (0595) 88592088

            Email: Lucas@weiyicf.com